Join our Ministry

At Young Learners Christian Academy Inc. we know the value of having a passionate, well-qualified team that is called to work with children and youth. Children learn by example and we strive to ensure that our staff and volunteers are excellent role models and leaders that strive to guide and mentor children as they grow into adults with a strong Christian faith. If you are interested in joining our team, check out our employment and volunteer pages for current opportunities.


Staffing Model

Young Learners Christian Academy Inc. believes in families. We believe that this starts with providing our staff with a model that supports their ability to continue to have an active role  with their own family. Having a balance between work and home is vital in honouring God. When staff feel content and fulfilled from being able to be part of their own family they are better equipped to be there for your family.

Each classroom has 2 educators as part of a team. One staff member begins the first half of the day (6am – 12pm) and the second is in for the second half of the day. (12pm – 6pm). This creates stability for your child as they are able to connect with the team of educators in the room. It also provides staff with flexibility to tend to their own families needs and be able to focus on work during their scheduled shift.

Educators and employees in general become less effective in their life when they feel overburdened and unable to manage the important aspects of their life. We believe that by providing staff with a balanced, manageable work environment we will have more effective educators engaging and growing with your children.