Fearless not ad


YLA is proud to offer this unique program designed to allow youth to develop into the fearless leaders they are designed to be. Focusing on their own unique personalities and giftings, this team will be empowered by working along side adults who will help foster and guide them. Using a model of discipleship, youth will be discipled while having an opportunity to have a positive impact on a younger child’s life, shaping them into the  fearless leader they can be!

Youth will have the option to be part of one of the dynamic programs running within the walls of the YLA ministry. The options include:

  • the worship team
  • kitchen team
  • custodial team
  • administrative team
  • chapel service team
  • special events/fund-raising/community events

This program is offered for youth ages 13-18. There are many benefits to volunteering; along with real-life experience in a career field, it also allows youth to achieve their required 40 hours of community service required to graduate. The environment at YLA is one of community and we welcome you to join us!