Board of Directors

Young Learners Christian Academy Inc. is a charitable organization governed by a Policy Governing Board. This board is responsible for making policies. They work together with the Founder of the organization, who functions as the Executive Director of the organization, to determine long-term direction of our organization.  As well as these duties, they will be a role model to our organization and staff. Setting the tone of our organization through their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ will be vital in the performing of your duties and communicating a God-focused tone with parents, children, staff members and administration.

The Board of Directors

President – Carl Folsom

Vice-President – 

Secretary – Shelley Clements

Treasurer – Beverley Courchesne

Parent Officer – 

Executive Director – Aimée Garbutt

We are currently seeking to fill 2 positions on our Board of Directors. Interested applicants must complete the application process and participate in an interview. Please indicate the position being applied for in the cover letter.

Positions available:

Vice President of the Board: Job Description Vice-President

Parent Officer: Job Description Parent Officer

Submit resume, cover letter and references to:

620 Dutrisac Road, Sturgeon Falls, ON

or phone for further information 705-477-1512


Our committees will help the board of directors by managing some of the work of the board, thereby strengthening the board. As a new organization, we are in process of establishing the following committees:

Nomination Committee 

Fundraising Committee 

Parent Committee